xbuild and “the PCL reference assemblies not installed” error message

I was trying to setup a build script with FAKE to build a Xamarin solution via a bash script which I could then use in TeamCity.
In Xamarin Studio I could build my solution without any errors but when trying to run my script in a terminal, I received this error: “PCL reference assemblies not installed”.

I searched for several solutions untill I uninstalled Xamarin and Mono.
When reinstalling Xamarin I suddenly noticed that it was installing Mono version 4.0.2.

The error message, however, showed version 4.0.1.

After noticing this difference, I remembered I installed Mono via Homebrew to run ASP.NET vNext on Mac OS X.
After uninstalling it with

brew uninstall mono

, my script runned without any errors.


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