Xamarin Studio: Navigating back and forward in the editor

One feature I use a lot (and you start noticing this when you don’t have it anymore) is the key combination CTRL and -.

In Visual Studio this navigates back to the previous point in code. So when navigating all around the code with CTRL and a mouse click (thank you ReSharper!), it’s a very useful shortcut to navigate back.

Because I am developing on a Mac in Xamarin Studio for the current project, I missed this feature immediately.
I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find the correct shortcut.

Until now!
I don’t know if it has always been available, but if you press CTRL, CMD and the arrow key left or right, you can easily navigate through the code. Hurray!

You also find this under “Search” >> “Navigate back” (or “Navigate forward”).

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